Jesus of Nazareth (c. 4 BC - c. 30 AD)


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Personal details

Date of birth

c. 4 BC

Place of birth

Bethlehem, Israel

Date of death

c. 30 AD

Place of death

Jerusalem, Israel

Product description

Dimensions 173 × 228 mm




c. 1670


Condition report

Reasonable condition. Paper with some minor spotting/small staining. Some minor creasing. Verso: blank.

Note: a collection of 16 prints showing events of the Passion of Christ. This rare collection of prints was published in Paris by Jollain, c. 1670. The prints are numbered 65, 69-83. Our series contains the following subjects: (1) the triumphal entry into Jerusalem; (2) the Last Supper; (3) Maundy or Washing of the Saints’ Feet; (4) the Agony in the Garden; (5) the Capture of Christ; (6) Christ before the High Priest; (7) the Crowning with Thorns; (8) the Scourging of Christ; (9) the presentation before the Jews; (10) Pilate’s trial; (11) the Way to the Cross; (12) the nailing to the Cross; (13) the Cruxifixion; (14) the descent from the Cross; (15) the Entombment; (16) the Resurrection.

Note: dimensions reflect the entire leaf.

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